Tuesday, April 28, 2009

goodies from Australia

I have a new blogging friend in Australia. Here is her blog: Cards that Care.

We met over on the PTI forum and have sent each other a package with more planned to exchanged soon. She makes beautiful cards and I get lots of great ideas from her. It is fun to hear her tell of Australia. Australia has always seemed to me like a dreamland...not real because it's so so far away. It's fun to have someone there that I can relate to. It's funny how big the world is and how this little computer sitting in our houses can bring us together from so far away.

Here is a bunch of stamping goodies that she sent me recently. So many things I can use on cards.

This card is so pretty. I love the sentiment on it.

I love this card, too. I really like the size of this card because it is different. I don't see cards made in this size. And I like the technique of embossing the hearts...it really makes them stand out. The colors are so pretty.

Thank you Denise!

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